oculus360 - Jan 9, 2018

5 Must Attend Events for Consumer Insight Professionals in 2018

A dynamic industry rooted in innovation requires an ever-evolving skill set and knowledge base to stay relevant. To help you stay on the cutting edge of a cutting edge business, Oculus360 has identified 5 consumer insights events in 2018 that will teach, illuminate, expand horizons, and allow you to network with the best and brightest that work at the crossroads of marketing and technology.

1.  TMRE: The Market Research Event

October 16-18, 2018
Scottsdale, AZ

As the world’s largest marketing research and insights event, TMRE gives you the opportunity to hone your skills and convey more impactful messages to engage your audience. With over 1,300 leaders spanning across the entire breadth of the industry -- including market research, consumer insights, strategy, innovation, marketing, analytics, customer experience, and more -- the 2018 TMRE event will continue to envelop you in the data-driven insight and expertise to influence decisions in every facet of your organization. Plus, many of the session are hands-on and experiential, focusing on solving client side researcher problems.

The growing list of topics will include, amongst others:

  • Next-Gen Insights Leadership & Strategy
  • Cutting Edge Technology & Trends
  • Insight Driven Innovation & Brand Engagement
  • Supercharging the Business with Data (Data Science & Analytics)
  • Winning Over the Savvy Consumer
  • Power Partnering: Maximizing the Client-Supplier Relationship
  • Startup Showcase: Emerging Technology
Absorb insight and the unique perspective of some of the most recognizable brands to gain best practices that will be applicable to your own organization.


2. Market Research & Consumer Insights Exchange

May 20-22, 2018
St. Louis, MO

The Market Research & Consumer Insights Exchange is a unique event in the MR and Insights industry. Invitation-only and open exclusively to F1000 executives, it is an extraordinary opportunity for senior executives to share ideas and insights with the industry's leading solution providers as well as inspiring speakers and thought leaders.

Throughout the 3 day consumer insights event, industry executives will be able to expand their knowledge through visionary case studies, facilitated roundtables, in-depth master classes, and dialogue-driven brainwaves. Network with with Heads of Market Research of the highest credentials and meet solution providers from the most innovative technology companies in the Ignite Challenge Presentations. As an attendee, you’ll be surrounded by VPs, SVPs, and Directors of Market Research, Consumer Insights, and Consumer Brand Strategy.


3. Qual360


March 21-22, 2018
Washington, D.C.

Qual360 is a merging of the leading research practitioners and academics to share the ideas and strategies that drive qualitative innovation throughout the industry.  The brightest, research-oriented minds gather at Qual360 to brainstorm on the cutting-edge qualitative techniques to effectively deliver actionable insights for companies of all industries. Qual360 features world class speakers, cutting-edge conversations and a thorough review of the latest methodologies, tools, and case studies possible.

A diverse list of speakers from a variety of industries and global locations as well as the opportunity to network and discuss the content presented at the conference make Qual360 a must for anyone that works on the quantitative innovations that drive the industry.


4. Forrester Consumer Marketing 2018


April 5-6, 2018
New York City

The Forrester Consumer Marketing event is specifically designed to help marketing leaders successfully manage an ever-increasing set of expectations and demands. The simple notion of exclusively designing and implementing engaging campaigns is a thing of the past as marketers now represent the face of their brands at all points of the customer journey and across countless platforms.

As an industry leader in data-driven insights and solutions, the Forrester Consumer Marketing event gathers industry experts and Forrester’s own analysts to discuss how hard data measurements have replaced the more traditional metrics to gauge strategy effectiveness and overall performance.

The Forrester event gives you the rare opportunity to interact and network marketing leaders, innovators, and practitioners, of which over 70% are at least director-level marketers. Furthermore, over 50% of attending companies realize $1 billion or more in revenue, making sure you are surrounded by the biggest and most successful brands in the industry.

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March 10-15, 2018
Austin, TX

Now synonymous with innovation in everything from cinema to coding, the 2018 SXSW Brands and Marketing Conference explores the dynamic, constantly changing world of agencies and their client brands. From the science behind the psychology of advertising to data-driven technologies and the art of storytelling, SXSW features the industry’s most innovative minds sharing their knowledge to optimize your own campaigns.

The Brand and Marketing Conference is part of the broader SXSW Interactive Festival, a unique opportunity to network through a variety of compelling experiences and  learning opportunities found throughout SXSW. Branding and marketing sessions -- including those on AI and machine learning’s impact on marketing and consumer insights -- are presented to provide a real world context to these transformative technologies, including:


Written by oculus360