oculus360 - Jul 12, 2018

Airline Case Study: Tracking Brand Health and Consumer Perceptions

It's one thing to discuss the many benefits brands can realize with the help of O360’s innovative platform and insights, but it’s quite another to see those insights at work in real-world applications.

In this airline case study, O360's platform is used to track brand health for a leading US airline, monitoring consumer engagement and emotional reaction based on nearly 1 million consumer discussions about our client as well as five of the leading domestic airline competitors across various travel sites and social channels.

Download Airline Study: Tracking Brand Health and Consumer Perceptions

A Data Driven, Quantitative Approach to Qualitative Metrics

Although consumer sentiments and the engagement levels of different brand attributes are inherently qualitative in nature, O360's AI-driven platform was able to quantify and categorize brand attributes for the client airline as well as the competition. These categories became the basis for analyzing the levels of consumer engagement and sentiment for all six US airlines, allowing the client to see where they stand relative to the competition.

Furthermore, as detailed in the case study, O360 was able to drill even further down into the data, separating it into the different stages of the customer's journey – including pricing, in-flight and post-flight experiences – again gauging the results against the competition. Thanks to O360's Consumer Satisfaction Quadrant analysis, the client can now use the provided insights to better understand how their customer service, marketing, and overall brand experience influence consumer sentiment and engagement levels.


Measuring Over Time

While all modern industries are dynamic and constantly shifting with the tides, the airline industry truly embodies this notion. As demonstrated by our new case study, O360 was able to track engagement and sentiment trends over a period of time for our airline clients, measuring the impact of different changes made to their strategy.

Likewise, when specific events occurred within the airline industry, O360's analysis – based on over 900,000 separate consumer discussions – was able to isolate the impact of those events and how they affected the brand. By tracking engagement and sentiments over a duration of time, companies can identify the effect of marketplace actions as well as the effectiveness of tactics leading brands implement in response, adjusting their strategy and plans accordingly.

Download Airline Study: Tracking Brand Health and Consumer Perceptions
The vastness of the many reservoirs of social influence in the digital landscape no longer has to be a barrier to mining it for invaluable insight into consumer perceptions. In fact, as demonstrated by our airline case study, O360's AI-driven insights platform can transform those thousands – sometimes millions – of consumer discussions into reliable, actionable data to better inform a brand's strategy and message.


Written by oculus360