Image recognition and trend spotting

Product development timelines within industries can extend over months or even years, but meanwhile consumer views and preference continually change, morph and evolve while the product is in...
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machine learning

How companies can use AI and machine learning to increase customer loyalty

One of the most potent but potentially overlooked uses of AI is in improving customer experiences and maintaining customer loyalty. AI can help your business build a loyal and consistently growing...
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consumer insights

Why understanding consumer behavior is important

Most businesses are focused on how they can target the right consumers to buy their products and services, but do they really understand the in-depth reasons their customer base chooses to give...
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The digital marketing trends that will dominate 2019

While marketing as a whole is rapidly changing, this is perhaps most true in the niche of digital marketing. As we move further and further into the digital age, digital marketing has become more...
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marketing strategy

The savvy marketing leader’s guide to advertising in 2019

Successful advertising is one of the major components of building a thriving business - take a look at how Dollar Shave Club essentially built an entire empire off the back of one viral ad. The...
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brand analysis - Mar 14, 2019

Discover How Branding Is Changing in 2019

Many were shocked when Kraft Heinz reported fourth quarter earnings well below expectations in February due to a $15.4 billion impairment charge on the company's namesake Kraft and iconic Oscar Mayer brands. While maintaining...
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3 min read
brand marketing - Mar 4, 2019

How Marketing Trends Are Changing in 2019

In the digital age, marketing is changing faster than ever. As a result, it can be difficult for businesses to continue growing while they struggle to keep up with new trends in marketing. Fail to keep up, however, and you...
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5 min read
consumer insights - Feb 6, 2019

Recognizing Millennials, Gen Z By How They Communicate In Online Comments

Every generation has its own unique set of expectations and eccentricities, foibles and fears. As most marketers are readily aware, however, millennials and Gen Z take this notion to new heights, with affinities and standards...
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