brand analysis

Brand health - how can it be measured?

In the past, a company's brand health was an intangible, elusive concept. The ability to quantify, measure and track the power and perception of a brand has been less than adequate, as we have had...
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Creating the foundation for a data-driven marketing strategy

An effective marketing strategy is comprised of both people and technology-based solutions. Using consumer insights data as the foundation of your marketing strategy will highlight the strengths...
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consumer insights

Online Comments Reveal Surprising Consumer Perceptions Within The Auto Industry

A large international automotive company recently partnered with O360 to both identify and gain a better understanding of minivan customer segments. The company realized their marketing and...
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Image recognition and trend spotting

Product development timelines within industries can extend over months or even years, but meanwhile consumer views and preference continually change, morph and evolve while the product is in...
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machine learning

How companies can use AI and machine learning to increase customer loyalty

One of the most potent but potentially overlooked uses of AI is in improving customer experiences and maintaining customer loyalty. AI can help your business build a loyal and consistently growing...
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Recent Posts

3 min read
consumer insights - Apr 4, 2019

Why understanding consumer behavior is important

Most businesses are focused on how they can target the right consumers to buy their products and services, but do they really understand the in-depth reasons their customer base chooses to give them their hard-earned money?
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3 min read

The digital marketing trends that will dominate 2019

While marketing as a whole is rapidly changing, this is perhaps most true in the niche of digital marketing. As we move further and further into the digital age, digital marketing has become more powerful than ever, let's look...
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3 min read
marketing strategy - Mar 21, 2019

The savvy marketing leader’s guide to advertising in 2019

Successful advertising is one of the major components of building a thriving business - take a look at how Dollar Shave Club essentially built an entire empire off the back of one viral ad. The challenge of evolving...
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