consumer insights

Consumer Insights to Consider When Entering a New Market

When a company enters a new market, it can feel a lot like being the kid that transfers into a new school mid-semester. Whether it’s for an entirely new product or an already established one...
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artificial intelligence

Tracking Brand Health and Sentiment with AI

Pause your busy day for a moment and think about the different brands that have played an important role in your life. While each of those brands most likely had a meticulously designed logo and...
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marketing strategy

Retailers: Not All Product Reviews Are Created Equal

While most companies conducting business in the digital marketplace are at least somewhat familiar with the impact of social influence, the scope and strength of its true power within a customer...
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artificial intelligence

Case Study: AI-driven Merchandising Optimization for Top 100 Retailer

In the past, we've spoken at great length about the overwhelming importance of consumer-driven perception and its impact on sales. In an extremely crowded and dynamic marketplace, optimizing those...
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brand engagement

Emotions Drive Genuine Engagement - So How Is Your Brand Doing?

As the old saying goes, the more things change, the more they stay the same. To that point, even such novel notions as walking on the moon, driverless cars, or having every imaginable fact at our...
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6 min read
brand analysis - Mar 1, 2018

Using AI to Analyze Your Brand's Category

The customer journey is no longer a straight shot down the highway as it once was. Instead, it twists and turns between the many digital off ramps that, collectively, define commerce within our digital world. Gone are the days...
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5 min read
consumer insights - Feb 7, 2018

Amazon Reviews Reveal Fashion Industry Consumer Insights

Like technology itself, the fashion industry has always pushed boundaries, looking down the road rather than at its feet. That said, it shouldn't come as a surprise that fashion brands and new technologies can and do create a...
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6 min read
consumer insights - Jan 24, 2018

Content Optimization Gets Easier With Machine Learning

The digital age has created a form of Darwinism for marketers in recent years. Like any major change, some have welcomed it with open arms and eagerly await what lies just down the road, while others are dragged kicking and...
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