oculus360 - May 31, 2019

Creating the foundation for a data-driven marketing strategy

An effective marketing strategy is comprised of both people and technology-based solutions. Using consumer insights data as the foundation of your marketing strategy will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your company, brands and products relative to competitors. With this foundation as your guide, you can create a successful strategy, tactics and messaging.

People are your greatest strength

Your marketing team develops and implements the data-driven marketing strategy that ultimately impacts every aspect of how you do business. To do this effectively, this team needs to include creative specialists who have a strong understanding of how and why they are using different types of data.

Unfortunately, some businesses are undermining their marketing strategies by simply pulling in people from other departments without carefully evaluating whether they are a good fit. Your marketing team should be comprised of professionals who have an understanding of the technologies they will be using as well as IT personnel who can implement full-stack solutions.

Develop your roadmap for success

What will success look like for your business? Every company is attempting to expand market share, generate more profits and grow. An understanding of what success will look like for your specific company will mold how you approach your marketing strategy. It will also powerfully impact the types and amounts of data you need to aggregate and manage.

The roadmap should incorporate a detailed explanation of the overall targets, along with specific, short-term goals that can help indicate whether the strategy is moving the company in the right direction.

Not all data is created equally

The types of data you need to use to achieve your company's vision may not always be obvious. Of course, your business is keeping an eye on what your competition is up to, but there are other critical types of data needed to round out your approach. For example, how well have you been able to identify your target market? What does your team really know about these consumers?

Data derived from social media analytics can be incredibly valuable, but it must be managed with software that can easily and accurately pinpoint trends and critical insights within unstructured data - an area where the O360 platform excels.

Analyze and act

Dealing with large amounts of information can be overwhelming, but the O360 platform has right tools, analyses and visualizations specifically built to provide targeted insights on the best way to reach your audience. Data is constantly changing, and what's trending this month might not be next month. O360 delivers data insights to help you reach your audience with better messaging targeted to each segment, driving increased conversions.

Aggregating the right data and extracting useful insights goes beyond looking at spreadsheets. Having the right tools supports your data-driven marketing strategy. 

The intersection of business and technology is where Oculus 360 (O360) thrives. The experts at O360 have created an Artificial Intelligence-powered analytics platform that harnesses the power of natural language processing to reveal unique insights from structured and unstructured data.

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Written by oculus360