oculus360 - Mar 14, 2019

Discover How Branding Is Changing in 2019

Many were shocked when Kraft Heinz reported fourth quarter earnings well below expectations in February due to a $15.4 billion impairment charge on the company's namesake Kraft and iconic Oscar Mayer brands. While maintaining relevance has historically been a very real struggle for most brands, the Kraft story is evidence that this challenge is becoming even greater in 2019. In fact, with technology playing an ever-advancing role in branding, it can be harder than ever for businesses to retain significance within any given industry. Brands must understand the importance of building a relationship with customers. More strategic than ever, brands need to stand out and give customers a compelling reason for their brand loyalty.

Brand influencers

In 2019, influencers are moving from celebrities to "real" people who actually use the brand’s products. Real customers with a passion for their preferred brands will go above and beyond any superficial celebrity endorsement. Even more powerful are celebrities that are also real customers, truly converted by using your brand, making them a unique and interesting spokesperson. Brands’ use of influencers will continue to increase in 2019, expanding from B2C to B2B, with genuine, long-lasting relationships built on brand loyalty through honest experience.

Customers at the wheel

Brands will not dictate interaction with the customer in 2019; customers will take charge. More than a simple one-way lecturing, customers want a two-way conversation. The traditional mass communication and broadcast advertising methods used by brands do not appeal to customers anymore. Customers expect intelligent interactions that reflect the credibility of a brand. Solid credibility translates to brand loyalty. The two-way conversation will assure consumers that you appreciate and acknowledge their continuous patronage.

Brands are discovering that art and illustration, whether animations or videos, drive greater customer engagement. With this in mind, superior content can foster greater customer engagement with your brand. In 2019, companies will use art to connect with consumers and humanize and differentiate their brands, thereby deepening brand connection and loyalty.

The role of technology in branding

Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and chatbots are essential technologies for competitive advantages in 2019. Chatbots provide the two-way conversation with customers that collect data at lightning speed for relevant, tailored interactions. Customers will possibly interact with your brand faster and more consistently with AI than with human counterparts.

Voice search over smart speakers, such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa, provide two-way conversations leading to brand credibility. Although customers may have some valid concerns about their information security, this can be addressed with the necessary protections in place. If AI and chatbot strategies are to be trusted, customers must first trust your sincerity and commitment to their data security. A positive future hopefully begins in 2019 with customers trusting credible brands to take great care with their personal data and gain their loyalty as a result.

How O360 can help your brand maintain relevance

Throughout 2019, you can expect technological advances to continually evolve. Brands must connect with audiences in more meaningful and significant ways. Trends come and go, but the authenticity of a brand builds trust. The O360 platform uses proprietary machine learning and natural language processing on publicly available anonymized consumer content to illuminate insights, trends and patterns that fuel everything from content personalization to merchandising and product design. O360 Digital Landscapes and Consumer Portraits can enable companies to personalize content and messaging, track the health of brands and competitors, drive more revenue and ensure efficient brand management during these tumultuous times .


Written by oculus360