oculus360 - Aug 22, 2017

eSports Drive Millennials & Gen Z to Your Brand [eBook]

Last year, a single eSports event, the League of Legends World Championship, garnered more viewers than an NBA Finals game and MLB World Series game combined. eSports amassed 90 million viewers in 2014, and projections indicate its viewership to reach 180 million by 2019, doubling its audience in just five short years. Concurrently, revenue is also projected to increase astronomically: $194 million to $1.1 billion annually.

Before blindly investing budgets into sponsorships and targeting eSports viewers, brands must unearth the affinities of this Millennial and Gen Z saturated audience. We used the Oculus360 consumer insights platform to identify brand affinities of seven different video game genres.

Our platform extracted these insights by using machine learning to tie structured data (custom surveys, transaction data, etc.) to unstructured data (online posts, comments, and reviews). This analysis revealed unique personality drivers and audience affinities that brands can leverage to connect with Millennials and Gen Zs, gaining a substantial advantage.

To help brands with competitive positioning in the rapidly expanding eSports market, we’ve teamed up with Epsilon & tripleclix to help create the eBook, eSports: How Competitive Gaming Will Deliver Millennials and Gen Z to Your Brand.

In this eBook you’ll get access to:

  • Consumer insights on why Millennials & Gen Zs watch eSports
  • Five specific use cases for brand marketing within eSports
  • The tools we use with Epsilon to create an “eSports growth engine for brands”
  • Proprietary eSports consumer segments to identify brand sponsorship and audience behavioral targeting opportunities

eSports Ebook DownloadThese young eSports viewers are especially loyal to brands that are embedded throughout the entire eSports landscape. In this eBook, we’ve detailed five specific opportunities where brands can position themselves within numerous aspects of the eSports community in order to generate exposure and subsequently garner revenue. After understanding these different marketing opportunities within eSports, brands must understand which audiences they will resonate with most and position their products accordingly.

Oculus360 uses machine learning to reveal actionable consumer insights with more speed and frequency than previously possible. It empowers brands to mine consumer generated content for unique behaviors, interests, attitudes, needs, and desires. Brands that leverage this technology can then communicate effectively with their consumers in more relevant and meaningful ways.

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Written by oculus360