oculus360 - Sep 27, 2018

Haggar Clothing Case Study

Haggar Clothing Co. recently worked with Oculus360 (O360) to obtain a better understanding of consumers perceptions regarding their brand and products. In the resulting Haggar Clothing Case Study, we discuss how the unique insights provided by our Digital Landscape solution allowed Haggar to inform their decision-making with a more thorough understanding of their own competencies, their place within the marketplace, and the strengths and weaknesses of their brand and competitors.

Download Haggar Case Study: Digital Landscape Of The Men's Fashion Category

Our in-depth case study demonstrates how O360 leverages the dynamic power of consumer commentary to reveal nuanced information for a brand and its products, in this particular case Haggar and its place within the men’s fashion landscape. Reading the case study, you’ll gain a better understanding of:


  • The increasingly important role of consumer commentary in fostering impactful brands and products, particularly with respect to Amazon and how brands leverage review syndication
  • Our thorough analysis of Haggar’s category and consumer segmentation and the granular detail provided by O360’s Digital Landscape solution
  • The impact of AI on deciphering volumes of data and transforming it into actionable insight
  • How product attributes, consumer affinities, and demographics can shape engaging messaging


Our Haggar Case Study discusses and demonstrates these factors within the context of the men’s fashion vertical, using quantitative data and the accompanying visuals to present the tangible impact O360’s insights have on Haggar’s brand and product development. With input from Haggar’s own perspective and thoughts, O360’s Haggar Clothing Case Study is an enlightening illustration of what understanding consumer commentary at scale can do for any brand, no matter the industry.

Written by oculus360