oculus360 - Jan 4, 2020

How AI Can Help You Build Your Brand

There is no doubt that one of the most significant developments in branding recently has been the use of artificial intelligence (AI) for branding purposes. Leveraging machine learning, companies can maintain public relevance while simultaneously being on the cutting edge of branding technology.

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Only a short time ago, branding focused on keywords, not the real-time analysis of the customers. Using powerful AI and machine learning technology, brands can now efficiently scour real-time data to identify insights needed to significantly build your brand.

Traditionally, companies used surveys and focus groups to better undertstand customers and their needs, but as the online voice of customers grows exponentially, marketers need to leverage machine learning to digest the massive amount of data associated with online conversations and identify insights.

Using real-time insights, you can build valuable content that inspires, excites and appeals to customer emotions and needs. Branding can appear in blogs and videos on social media, but to be truly valuable, you must foster two-way communication. Customers need trust and assurance that you really appreciate their business. Customers expect insights and discussions that give you credibility, not just a sales pitch. Branding must be relevant to specific customers in order to deliver real value.

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AI's impact on branding is rapidly spreading through chatbots and voice engagement. AI can identify consumer tastes and preferences in real time, then analyze, comprehend and react to data faster than humanly possible. AI within chatbots overcomes limitations in speed and quality of data access to generate leads and make instant suggestions across a broad spectrum of solutions.

Brands are already making the shopping experience more interactive with AI. AI can not only give product recommendations; it can also analyze what your customers will prefer much faster than any human and create an engaging and entertaining dialogue. Brands must have AI to effectively build the personalized experiences necessary to personalize customer services.

Voice searches and the migration to voice engagement make finding information easier and simplify the process to purchase a product or service. Voice-based sales in the U.S. will grow from the couple billion dollars in 2017 to over $40 billion by 2022, according to Search Engine Land. As voice searches have grown to nearly 50 percent of all searches, you must optimize for voice engagement and interactions.

Algorithms enable machines to make connections. In essence, machines can learn from data processed to improve future tasks and interactions. Search engines become smarter through the information learned and trusted by customers. AI has tremendous speed and power to analyze massive amounts of data about your location, browsing and search histories, favorite websites, and even your interactions with others.

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Our O360 platform is based AI technology that can help you personalize content for more valuable consumer interactions. Considering the growth and sophistication of AI, the quality of content must continually grow to serve greater consumer demands for relevant content and that delivers true value in context. The O360 platform can provide real-time insights into customer usage through AI and machine learning that will ultimately lead to better branding for the greatest return.

Written by oculus360