John Dubois - Nov 8, 2017

How AI Helped Lincoln Sell More Cars: A Case Study

With Lincoln Motor Company going through a rebrand, the impending launch of one of their most important vehicles, the MKX SUV, was no drive in the park. Under the pressure to achieve real revenue results (and not just clicks), agency Hudson Rouge called in Oculus360.

Using our AI-driven consumer insights platform, Oculus360 was able to sift through more than 700,000 online consumer conversations from sources like and Edmonds – comments, reviews, blogs, etc. – to gain the granular insights Lincoln needed. We used our consumer segmentation capabilities to segment these insights into the auto company’s target demographics: Gen X, Male Boomers and Female Boomers.

We armed Lincoln & Hudson Rouge with the knowledge of which vehicle attributes (such as “cabin openness” or “advanced navigation”) were perceived by their target segments as strengths or weaknesses, as well as a deeper understanding of these target segments.

These valuable consumer insights helped Lincoln with ad content optimization by improving the effectiveness and focus of each digital ad’s marketing message alignment with the target segment, achieving dramatic results – a 4% lift in conversion rates and a 15% improvement in digital ad click-through.

“Using this level of intelligence from Oculus360,” said Hudson Rouge, “we saw an increase in conversions to our digital properties, shopping behaviors and, ultimately, achieved our sales objectives.”

To learn more about the actionable insights Oculus360 uncovered, as well as how Hudson Rouge put those insights to good use for Lincoln Motor Company, download our case study.


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Written by John Dubois

Startup executive with 20 years of experience starting, runningn and growing companies.