oculus360 - Oct 28, 2019

Machine learning can improve your marketing efforts

Digital marketing is getting smarter, and one of the top trends involves the use of artificial intelligence to help decision makers make sense of big data. Of all the innovations introduced into advertising, machine learning is making the greatest inroads. Machine learning is rapidly changing the advertising industry, and you can take advantage of those changes.

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At its most basic, machine learning is simply applying a set of algorithms, or set of instructions, that takes in data and makes predictions about what the outcomes of that data could be. Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence. A machine learning program is only as good as the data it is trained with ("garbage in, garbage out").

Fortunately, most companies have an extremely large amount of quality data, including customer comments, buying patterns and social media activities. The amount of data now available to the average marketer was only a dream 20 years ago.

While all that information can help build captivating campaigns and better identify prospects, it does come with a price tag: time. Every new data stream increases the amount of time needed for a person (or a team) to sift through and analyze all that information to create actionable insights.

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While machine learning has been making headlines for some social media sites, what is lost in the translation is how it can offer a tremendous boost to your marketing efforts. All those man hours needed to sift through disparate data streams can be significantly reduced. Since a machine learning program works much faster in aggregating and analyzing data, marketers can be freed up to focus on the more creative aspects of building campaigns and engaging new prospects.

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A machine learning platform's ability to glean new insights from data is legendary. Imagine what it can do for your company. For example, machine learning can be used for programmatic buying. In this instance, the machine learning program learns from data to uncover and buy ads on sites where and when it most benefits the bottom line.

Not only does this help your company target the right people at the right time, but it also saves money because it eliminates sites and time periods when there is little chance of hitting your target audience. Machine learning software continuously learns from new data and identifies trends and makes predictions. This means that it can help tweak and improve the results of marketing campaigns on the fly, so that campaigns become stronger as the program learns more from them.

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Making sense of billions of pieces of structured and unstructured data can be challenging. Fortunately, a platform like O360 Digital Landscapes can cut through the noise to generate the types of insights your company needs to meet customer needs and find new prospects. Our machine learning platform uses natural language processing to make it easy to understand what is happening with any given target segment, product, product category or KPI you want to evaluate.

Want to learn more about how machine learning can give your marketing team the edge it needs in a very crowded marketplace? O360 can give you more insights about what a machine learning solution would look like at your business.

Written by oculus360