oculus360 - Aug 30, 2018

Modern Blueprint for Brand Growth

Today’s digitally-driven marketplace is already reliant on the technological marvels of integrated marketing platforms and sophisticated tech stacks to communicate with the audience. As time passes and the market continues to evolve, that dependence on technology will only intensify.

Oculus360’s (O360) webinar, Modern Blueprint for Brand Growth, explains how marketing success in the digital era is dependent on a brand’s ability to engage consumer segments in a personalized way, and how marketing technology can help brands reach those complex, lofty goals.

Meeting Specific Tech Needs

As discussed throughout the webinar, a company must begin its tech platform due diligence with a distinct set of expectations. Technology is ultimately the vehicle to get a brand to its desired destination but, before starting the journey, the brand must first identify the destination itself.

O360 delves deep into the issues that play an instrumental role in identifying any existing messaging barriers, how questions arising from those issues can further hone their specific tech needs, and reveals best practices for choosing an effective path towards resolution.

AI Drives Engagement

Modern Blueprint for Brand Growth also examines the advent of third-party tech platforms and how they’ve reinvented the way marketers communicate and understand their target audiences, chiefly driven by AI and its accompanying technologies. Likewise, the webinar details the tech-fueled drivers towards new avenues of growth, and the instrumental role AI will play with its highly accurate predictive models that anticipate shifts in consumer behavior.

Real World Applications

Finally, Modern Blueprint for Brand Growth introduces an insightful case study within the pharmaceutical space to place marketing technologies in a real-world context. Using O360’s Consumer Portrait’s platform, the webinar details how the effective deployment of AI-driven solutions can help marketers identify key influencers, study their audience, segment it according to a variety of criteria and develop rich personas that drive messaging and activation

Watch the Brand Growth Blueprint Webinar

Powered by machine learning and natural language processing (NLP), Consumer Portraits creates irreplaceable living personas that, when combined with an effective martech platform, empower a brand with the data needed to develop highly personalized, engaging messages.

Watch the replay of our webinar, Modern Blueprint for Brand Growth, as we examine the unique cabilities marketing technologies bring to the digital age, how brands can find the ideal platforms for their specific needs, and what O360’s own innovative tools can lend the process. Impactful, enduring engagement is within arm’s reach. Watch Modern Blueprint for Brand Growth to find out how to grasp it.


Written by oculus360