oculus360 - Apr 30, 2019

Online Comments Reveal Surprising Consumer Perceptions Within The Auto Industry

A large international automotive company recently partnered with O360 to both identify and gain a better understanding of minivan customer segments. The company realized their marketing and product design focused entirely on the traditional minivan demographics, possibly missing other segments of the potential customer base and the opportunity to expand product reach and conversions.

In our case study, Online Comments Reveal Surprising Consumer Perceptions Within the Auto Industry, we provide insights into our approach and methodology in determining if significant new marketing and design opportunities existed within the minivan market. By downloading the study, you’ll gain details into O360’s unique and far-reaching abilities, including:

  • The role of consumer commentary: We analyze thousands, sometimes millions of online conversations from various sources to reveal unbiased and authentic consumer truths to guide brand messaging.
  • AI-driven insights: O360's machine learning capabilities, including natural language processing and semantic networks, distill large volumes of consumer commentary into targeted insights that are impossible to derive without the benefit of technology.
  • Comprehensive personas: O360 incorporates psychoanalytics, psycholinguistics, and personality traits to determine generation, gender, and key identifiers through online interaction and communication.
  • Categorized guidance: Our platform collects and organizes the uncovered insights into industry themes and ideas that a brand can track over time.

As discussed in our case study, O360 was able to leverage our technology with the online environment to reveal an entirely new consumer segment for minivans, specifically a younger generation that gravitated towards minivans for their social occasions of use. Furthermore, our analysis provided direction for secondary research to further build-out personas and strategies to better reach those new, younger consumer segments with specialized marketing and product design. Auto Industry Case Study: Online Comments Reveal Surprising Consumer Perceptions

In Online Comments Reveal Surprising Consumer Perceptions Within the Auto Industry, O360 takes you behind the scenes as we use our sweeping technologies to uncover tremendous new sales and marketing opportunities for our client. As a result, O360 was able to provide a distinct competitive advantage only made possible by combining the vast reservoirs of online consumer commentary with our platform's revelatory powers.


Written by oculus360