oculus360 - Nov 5, 2019

Optimize your content with AI and machine learning

Just a few years ago, optimization was primarily geared toward keywords alone, not real-time analysis of the target audience. Today, optimization must be as fluid as the ebb and flow of customer perceptions. Optimized content must dive deeper, based upon more than keywords.

Only powerful AI and machine learning have the horsepower necessary to sift through mountains of real-time data needed to produce the optimized content that truly focuses on the customer. For content that brings in more customers and sets you apart from competition, learn how AI and machine learning can help.

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Unless you know the perceptions of your customers every second, how can you know what changes to make in your content that will foster actions you want? Action-oriented content serves to guide the customer toward the steps you would like them to take to grow the relationship with your brand.

AI discovers insights and recommendations from huge sets of data that ultimately lead to content needed to build trust. Without AI making the quick updates, keeping ahead of customer perceptions is practically impossible. With AI and machine learning, continual real-time access to insights and recommendations produce the basis for effective, optimized content.

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AI can determine the topics and even keywords to target from consumer insights. Optimized content must have greater support than simple reviews and purchasing behavior. AI and machine learning can glean the underlying factors that support user intentions and needs.

AI can derive the details about the customer's thought process and nuances about their true identity. AI analysis builds the best keywords and identifies the topics with the greatest impact for tuning your content, serving as a guide for optimizing each piece of content.

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AI also highlights what is missing from your existing content. AI can analyze data from almost limitless sources and extract insights. AI systems can then compare and determine how your content aligns with the top wants and needs of your target consumers, and more important, where improvements will enable you to overtake the competition.

AI is all about data, and content optimization is about correlating the data to optimize your content. When you are equipped with systems designed to mine out insights, build content recommendations and fill in the gaps of existing content, your content will resonate with your target audiences, aligned with their evolving wants and needs. AI can help you rank higher with consumers and overtake your competition.

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Our proprietary machine learning and natural language processing platform illuminate insights, trends and patterns to guide your content optimization efforts. Our machine learning platform identifies audience segments and dictates the improvement for targeting each segment. O360 translates consumer comments and content into the roadmaps for personalizing content based on real-time customer views and prospects. We gain insights from current online conversations happening in product reviews, forums, blogs and across social media – wherever the most relevant consumer conversations are naturally occurring.

As the years have proven, content is still king, and if you want to stand out from your competitors and grow and retain your customer base, you need to optimize your content. We can show you how artificial intelligence and machine learning can help.

Written by oculus360