oculus360 - Jul 6, 2019

Optimizing your product pages to increase your sales

When someone lands on your website, you literally have seconds to captivate them enough that they stay and look at your products. Only then can you begin the process of turning them into customers.

Your product pages must highlight the features and usage that matter most to your consumers and convince them to buy your products. To do this, you must optimize the pages with quality visuals, descriptions and detailed information that ensure your offerings are more compelling than competitive alternatives.

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The old adage still rings true. Visuals may encompass a wide array of imaging and video. Potential customers will want high-quality visuals that virtually place the product in their hands. When zooming into the image for greater detail, only high-quality visuals will avoid frustrating pixilation.

Visuals that rotate products 360 degrees, demonstrating functionality and highlighting the smallest details, are critically important. When optimizing product pages with quality visuals for customers to make a final decision, you should know what they need most from your visuals to make that buying decision.

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Considering the brief time most consumers spend finding products, make sure product pages are optimized for search engines. If you don't invest quality time into the product title, create compelling concise descriptions and pick keywords that draw them to your page, no one will see the fruits of your labor. Once the potential customer is on your site, they should be grabbed by the quality visuals, and high-level information about the product should inform them about price, physical characteristics, construction and materials not easily communicated in a non-verbal way.

Finally, the product page should engage and thoroughly educate consumers about products through the written content and visuals. Optimized product pages should not leave unanswered questions that your potential customer may have about your products. Make sure you organize copy in a clear framework that focuses on readability, and trim down unnecessary jargon and sales pitches. After optimizing the pages as described above, the products will sell themselves.

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Of course, none of the optimization will bear fruit unless there is a clear call to action (CTA). After all, the goal of the optimization process is the purchase of the product. Make sure the CTA is clearly marked throughout product pages. According to one source, some of the simplest choices of language, placement and even the color of the button can make a huge difference in your CTA method's effectiveness.

Now you need information about what your customers want to hear from your product pages. We at O360 can help with insights to tailor your product pages to the customer. Equipped with the data gathered and organized from the real-time customer activity shared across numerous online sources, you will know exactly how to present information that addresses the top questions, features and occasions that customers discuss. The O360 platform can provide insights via AI and machine learning into customer usage that leads to a better understanding of how to optimize product pages for the greatest return.

Written by oculus360