brand engagement

Calvin Klein, Vince Camuto Among Top Brands For Wedding And Bachelorette

Brands must understand the different triggers that prompt customers to progress down the path to purchase. This wide-reaching concept includes segment and individual affinities but also the...
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brand health

Haggar Clothing Case Study

Haggar Clothing Co. recently worked with Oculus360 (O360) to obtain a better understanding of consumers perceptions regarding their brand and products. In the resulting Haggar Clothing Case Study,...
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consumer insights

Consumer Commentary Is an Essential Part of a Brand’s Toolbox

Consumers have always been savvy, looking for the best combination of product, service, and price point to meet their needs. With the advent of digital technologies and social influence, however,...
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consumer insights

Taking Digital Personalization to In-Store Retail

The boundaries separating traditional models of commerce with their newer, sleeker digital counterparts are growing murkier by the day. Industry segments are quickly blending into one another,...
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artificial intelligence

Modern Blueprint for Brand Growth

Today’s digitally-driven marketplace is already reliant on the technological marvels of integrated marketing platforms and sophisticated tech stacks to communicate with the audience. As time...
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consumer segmentation - Aug 23, 2018

Case Study: Segmentation & Persona Development in the Pharmaceutical Industry

For as massive and competitive as the pharmaceutical industry is, it’s also remarkably personal, even intimate, in how it impacts individual lives. It’s a dynamic combination of technology and empathy, driven by cutting-edge...
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Insights - Aug 2, 2018

What Insights Should Automotive Brands Consider?

For brands to effectively traverse crowded market terrain filled with countless unexpected hazards and detours, they must have clear and thorough insight into who they are, how they fit into the overall environment, and how...
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consumer insights - Jul 19, 2018

Six Questions to Ask Your Consumer Insights Agency

Marketing to a dynamic, ever-connected marketplace requires a combination of agility and precision to be relevant and engage your audience. Your customer base is inundated with information at all hours of the day and night,...
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