Audience Segementation

How AI Helped Lincoln Sell More Cars: A Case Study

With Lincoln Motor Company going through a rebrand, the impending launch of one of their most important vehicles, the MKX SUV, was no drive in the park. Under the pressure to achieve real revenue...
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consumer insights

How Machine Learning is Teaching Marketers About Humans

When the HAL 9000 computer took control of the ship in Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey,” the human fascination with Artificial Intelligence (AI) suddenly turned to apprehension. Today,...
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consumer insights

Marketers Need AI to Truly Understand Their Customers

Today’s marketers have access to an incredible volume of consumer information, yet only 11% of consumer-related marketing decisions are based on hard data, with the rest coming out of experience...
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brand affinity

3 Ways to Win Over Millennials and Gen Z through eSports

The largest brands in the world are scrambling for effective approaches and strategies by which they can improve their competitive positioning with the increasingly valuable Millennial and Gen Z...
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Audience Affinities

Cowboys & Insights: Using AI to Take a Football Brand into eSports

There’s a reason Jerry Jones is in the Hall of Fame. As owner, president and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys – America’s Team – he has always been at the forefront of the business of being...
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consumer insights - Aug 22, 2017

eSports Drive Millennials & Gen Z to Your Brand [eBook]

Last year, a single eSports event, the League of Legends World Championship, garnered more viewers than an NBA Finals game and MLB World Series game combined. eSports amassed 90 million viewers in 2014, and projections...
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consumer insights - Aug 15, 2017

Consumer Insights: Needs & Desires That Help Brands Grow

Companies can no longer apply a “one-size-fits-all” approach to targeting their audience and expect to yield prolific results. Consumers are engaging online more than ever before—via user reviews, social media, forums, blogs,...
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