marketing strategy

Understanding how sentiment analysis works

As businesses adopt new technologies, they gain more access to people and their personal lives.
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consumer insights

Gauging customer emotions for improved brand engagement

If your business is using the Net Promoter Score (NPS), then you know it is a good metric for identifying how willing customers are to recommend your business. However, there are better tools...
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brand analysis

Brand health - how can it be measured?

In the past, a company's brand health was an intangible, elusive concept. The ability to quantify, measure and track the power and perception of a brand has been less than adequate, as we have had to...
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brand health

Haggar Clothing Case Study

Haggar Clothing Co. recently worked with Oculus360 (O360) to obtain a better understanding of consumers perceptions regarding their brand and products. In the resulting Haggar Clothing Case Study, we...
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artificial intelligence

Modern Blueprint for Brand Growth

Today’s digitally-driven marketplace is already reliant on the technological marvels of integrated marketing platforms and sophisticated tech stacks to communicate with the audience. As time passes...
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2 min read
consumer behavior - Jul 12, 2018

Airline Case Study: Tracking Brand Health and Consumer Perceptions

It's one thing to discuss the many benefits brands can realize with the help of O360’s innovative platform and insights, but it’s quite another to see those insights at work in real-world applications.
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5 min read
artificial intelligence - May 8, 2018

Tracking Brand Health and Sentiment with AI

Pause your busy day for a moment and think about the different brands that have played an important role in your life. While each of those brands most likely had a meticulously designed logo and accompanying tagline that exuded a...
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