Deep Learning

Machine learning can improve your marketing efforts

Digital marketing is getting smarter, and one of the top trends involves the use of artificial intelligence to help decision makers make sense of big data. Of all the innovations introduced into...
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Audience Segementation

How to Properly Segment Your Target Audience

In the past, you may have been able to get away with focusing just on your product and its benefits, but your target audience likely has evolved. Its members now expect -- even demand – content that...
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marketing strategy

Understanding how sentiment analysis works

As businesses adopt new technologies, they gain more access to people and their personal lives.
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consumer insights

Optimizing your product pages to increase your sales

When someone lands on your website, you literally have seconds to captivate them enough that they stay and look at your products. Only then can you begin the process of turning them into customers.
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marketing strategy

The savvy marketing leader’s guide to advertising in 2019

Successful advertising is one of the major components of building a thriving business - take a look at how Dollar Shave Club essentially built an entire empire off the back of one viral ad. The...
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brand marketing - Mar 4, 2019

How Marketing Trends Are Changing in 2019

In the digital age, marketing is changing faster than ever. As a result, it can be difficult for businesses to continue growing while they struggle to keep up with new trends in marketing. Fail to keep up, however, and you risk...
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consumer insights - May 17, 2018

Consumer Insights to Consider When Entering a New Market

When a company enters a new market, it can feel a lot like being the kid that transfers into a new school mid-semester. Whether it’s for an entirely new product or an already established one expanding into new regions, the...
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marketing strategy - Apr 19, 2018

Retailers: Not All Product Reviews Are Created Equal

While most companies conducting business in the digital marketplace are at least somewhat familiar with the impact of social influence, the scope and strength of its true power within a customer base is only now being revealed....
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