oculus360 - Apr 1, 2019

The digital marketing trends that will dominate 2019

While marketing as a whole is rapidly changing, this is perhaps most true in the niche of digital marketing. As we move further and further into the digital age, digital marketing has become more powerful than ever, let's look at a few of the major digital marketing trends for 2019.


Social media is more powerful than ever

Social media is more powerful than ever

Social media, more specifically streaming content, represents many avenues to market online. Coupled with the ease of creating or consuming digital content through the remarkable advancements in mobile platforms has created the golden egg of digital marketing.

If you believe that social messaging apps, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and WeChat, are limited to a few friends swapping emojis, consider the fact that Facebook Messenger has nearly 1.5 billion monthly active users sending over 2 billion messages between them every month.

WhatsApp, with nearly as many monthly active users, is sending over 50 billion messages every day. Since people prefer messaging each other, it seems only logical to market your company throughout messaging apps.

Future digital marketing must identify target markets because different social media platforms appeal to entirely different demographics. For instance, Facebook and Instagram are both massive, but you can totally miss your mark if you target the wrong social media platform.

Another tool emerging in 2019 is push notifications. Push notification has gained traction in recent years but ramped up quickly with artificial intelligence (AI). AI can ensure you have the right content and number of notifications, all sent at the right time to the right user.


Don't overlook influencers

Don't overlook influencers

Influencer marketing focuses on advocates to drive your marketing to the masses. Rather than marketing directly to a large group of consumers, influencers are typically paid to deliver your message.

Although influencers once focused on celebrities and social media stars, consumers today prefer "regular people" that connect better with potential consumers. Live streaming combined with influencer marketing, regardless of whether "real people," celebrities, athletes or musicians, marketing a live stream with an interacting influencer can draw huge audiences.

Live streaming video, unedited and spontaneous, reflects honesty and credibility over anomalous reviews. Don't become limited by social media; for example, you may start interacting with a customer on a social media network that resonates through your SEO and eventually into email.

Email subscribers and website visitors communicate through chat or comments; this is especially important as many potential customers exist that avoid social media.

O360 can help companies market themselves by defining their key digital audience through audience social profiles

O360 can help companies market themselves by defining their key digital audience through audience social profiles

Traditional market research involves extracting information out of customers while we pull from conversations that are already happening online in product reviews, forums, blogs and social media. While social listening vendors primarily focus on social media content, relying on marketers to identify the right platform for listening, we work with marketers to target the right sources of conversations for their products, brands and competitors.

Our machine learning models then identify the top attributes and themes within a product category, all without the study of the category beforehand. We allow the voice of the consumer to guide us through identifying attributes, themes, occasions, emotions, personalities and perceptions for marketers to use in better understanding and targeting customers.

Written by oculus360