oculus360 - Aug 8, 2019

Understanding how sentiment analysis works

As businesses adopt new technologies, they gain more access to people and their personal lives.

Through sentiment analysis, companies can gain insight into what their customers are saying and develop a deeper understanding of them. Sentiment analysis computationally identifies and categorizes opinions expressed in text, especially in order to determine whether the writer's attitude towards a particular topic or product is positive, negative, or neutral.

The necessary data for sentiment analysis is analyzed by artificial intelligence (AI) platforms, using a rule-based, automatic or hybrid system to analyze customer data. Keywords, emojis, tone, subjectivity and more are considered by the AI platforms to determine positive or negative feedback from consumers. Values are assigned, metrics are developed and you can view quantified results of consumer's opinions and trends over time.

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Americans spend on average of two hours a day on social media and 4 hours and 14 minutes watching television, videos and consuming other media. Eighty-six percent of Americans access the internet every day.

According to Datareportal.com analysis conducted in January of 2019, Americans spend more than 25% of their day consuming and interacting with media. This translates to 6 hours and 31 minutes that are available for gathering data on consumers.

The time spent on the internet provides vast fields ripe with information. Sentiment analysis is the machine needed to harvest these fields.

AI and machine learning can monitor your brand health while you are gathering real-time sentiment from consumer views about your company. Social media and product/service reviews are the best sources for garnering the true sentiments of your customers.

As you gain valuable information on your customers, you can develop a more comprehensive marketing strategy. As you implement this strategy, ongoing sentiment analysis provides you up-to-date marketing effectiveness data. You'll be able to watch changes in consumer sentiment as your marketing team goes to work, hearing what your customers are saying in reaction to changes to your campaigns, messaging or products.

Sentiment analysis thereby gives your customers a voice and enables you to develop a deeper understanding of their needs through indirect conversations they are having about your brand and competitors. As your team begins to understand the impact they are having through sentiment analysis, they can continue to make changes to influence current sentiments in ways that benefit your brand and differentiate it from competitors.

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Sentiment analysis will usher in an era of on-the-fly marketing for you and your team, allowing you to quickly create and deploy campaigns and messaging that influence consumer sentiment. A continuous loop of deploying, gathering feedback, developing new content or offerings then deploying them to the market will accelerating your brand's growth and improve brand health.

O360 can help your businesses gather the necessary information to rise above your competition. Through AI and machine learning, O360 can construct consumer portraits across digital landscapes.

O360's AI platform allows you to develop strategic connections to your customers by understanding what they are truly saying and feeling - not by filling out tired old surveys, but by listening to them when they are "being themselves."

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Written by oculus360