The role of Machine Learning in Data-driven Consumer Experiences

The role of Machine Learning in Data-driven Consumer Experiences

on December 5, 2016

At the 2016 "Forging Partnerships that Matter" iMedia event, Oculus360 joined Epsilon in a fireside chat covering Getting to Data-Driven Consumer Experiences Through Machine Learning. The session covered varying topics and included the following ideas:

Leveraging data in all its shapes, sizes and types is a challenge every agency faces. In analyzing the explosion of consumer generated content and other phenomena like photo/video sharing we have an incredible opportunity to figure out what makes consumers tick, so we can help our clients connect with them as efficiently and effectively as possible.

The impact that integrating machine learning can have on the whole process is pretty staggering. Epsilon's agency discipline has come to regard machine learning as a critical business accelerant, because it has helped us move the digital transformation of our clients' businesses forward faster than ever before possible.

For Agencies, machine learning can:

  • Radically expand the scale and scope of market research
  • Be an insight accelerant
  • Help your campaigns work harder

Oculus360 was excited to play a role on the panel discussion with Epsilon leadership.

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