O360 Solutions AI-Powered Insights Platform

Consumers are engaging online more than ever before—via user reviews, social media, forums, blogs, etc.—revealing personal details and preferences at an unprecedented rate. With artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, we can quickly sift through all this varied, scattered input and identify invaluable, consistent consumer trends and actionable insights.

O360 Digital Landscapes to Understand Your Marketplace

O360 carefully selects the right conversations to build the cleanest view of the landscape for your industry and products. Our proprietary machine learning and natural language processing platform illuminates insights, trends and patterns using an approach that has been proven across dozens of clients and industries. O360 Digital Landscapes surface top attributes, occasions, perceptions, emotions, personalities, themes and more by brand, demographic segment, product and product category. With O360 Digital Landscapes as a foundation, companies can personalize content and messaging based on the views expressed by your customers and prospects. Companies can track the health of their brand and their competitors’ based on consumer conversations that are constantly evolving. These are just a few ways companies use the O360 platform to drive more revenue and more efficient marketing investments.

O360 Consumer Portraits to Understand Your Customers

O360 provides a rich view of your customers based on the information they share publicly on their social profiles. Supplement your customer segments with information that helps you target consumers with content, messaging and offers based on their personalities and top interests, media channels, celebrities, and brands, driving greater conversion and engagement. Understand customer affinity for other products and product categories to help you extend your brand to new customers or introduce new offerings to your existing customers. With a deeper understanding of consumers and what is really driving them, enabled by O360 Consumer Portraits, companies can optimize content to reflect voice of the customer.