O360  Use  Cases:        Turning  Consumer  Insights  Into  Brand  Advantage
Consumer insights are only as good as they are useful. Here are some of the top ways companies are using the O360 platform to drive more revenue and more return from their marketing investments

Personalization: enable your marketing to rise above the noise

Instead of broad, “one-size-fits-all” marketing messaging, optimize your copy, creative, and calls-to-action based on the insights you've acquired about each segment. Personalizing your messaging strengthens the emotional bonds that inherently boost conversions.

For a recent Lincoln Motor Company sales event, we analyzed the specific luxury SUV attributes that resonated most with particular target demographic segments. By leveraging those insights to customize the digital ad content for the campaign, we increased revenue 4% and click-through rates by 15% for Lincoln.

Penetrate New Markets: extend your brand to new markets or bring new products to your existing customers

When you understand your marketplace landscape in detail, you can identify occasions of use that provide the basis for entering new markets, like a leading tortilla brand that extended their products to occasions traditionally associated with bread. If you are entering an entirely new market, you want to understand the Audience Affinity between your existing customers and the customers in that new market, like the Dallas Cowboys who were able to better understand which eSports teams and game genres were best in line with their current brand by analyzing public online conversations.


Brand Health Tracking: gauge the impact campaign, messaging, and product changes have on your brand and your competitors

O360 provides the important feedback loop needed to properly steer through the crowded marketplace. Brand health tracking involves the process of monitoring, measuring, and even altering consumer perceptions.  Track your brand against competitors in general or with a focus on specific attributes, occasions or emotional engagement. As markets evolve and your company and competitors make strategic moves, consumer conversations evolve as well. The O360 platform enable companies track brand performance in an evolving marketing.

Merchandising Optimization: market and merchandise your products based on voice of the customer

Organize and present your merchandise based on specific themes, including product attributes, aesthetics, and occasions of use, to personalize the customer journey and, ultimately, increase conversions. Our AI-driven consumer insights led to a 5% bump in online sales performance for one top 100 retailer.

Retailers and brands use O360 insights to align their merchandising copy, images and search terms with the features, perceptions and usage scenarios that are the most attractive to their customers, based on views expressed in product reviews and other consumer conversations on their own site and other top retail channels.


Content Optimization: score your content against views being expressed by customers in unaided, natural online conversations

With our AI-powered consumer insights platform, analyze offsite conversations to extract insights to guide the design and implementation of your brand’s content. Optimize and personalize content for each segment to drive increased conversion with messaging aligned to top wants and needs. Optimize content to differentiate from competitors, identifying unmet needs and occasions that your brand can own with focused messages optimized for different audiences and segments.

Product Innovation: fill unmet needs expressed in authentic consumer conversations

When companies have their fingers on the pulse of their marketplace, they identify unmet needs that can only be addressed through changes to the product design, features or capabilities. For example, consider a large auto manufacturer that uses the O360 platform. While conventional thinking is that minivans are family vehicles, their efforts revealed that millennials like minivans as a “swagger wagon” -- they can pack in a bunch of friends for a night on the town with just one designated driver. They used these insights to innovate new features that appeal to millennials, such as including more USB charging stations throughout the van.